Human resources:

v  Number of employees: we have about 230 employees in production, Branches, Corporate office all together.

v  Recruitment and Training issue: Our least educated employee is S.S.C passed. So that they can aware of food hygiene. All are self-trained.

v  Our chef, staff of the factory and branch managers are experienced from overseas international hotels and fast food restaurants.

Production capacity:

v  Outlet numbers: we have thirteen (13) outlets all over Dhaka city.

v  Business Premises: we have six floored building (under rent) for using as production house and office premises.

v  Production quantity: we have large number of cakes and bakery items produce capacity each day.

v  We are 100% equipped with modern and health conscious equipment.

v  Our all equipment’s are imported from U.S.A, Europe and Singapore.

v  Our maximum food ingredients are imported from Malaysia, Singapore (Ready mix) Italy (cheese), Brazil (potato for French fries), Coffee (UK), India (dry fruits) and so on.

Technical Support:

v  We try to provide 24/7 delivery service.

v  We have five (5) covered van which deliver food in whole Dhaka city.