About us

California Fried Chicken & Pastry shop is an International Standard high quality and real taste fast food and Pastry shop. Our chefs and staffs in the factory and all outlets have experiences in oversees countries in different International Hotels and fast food restaurants. They are very professional in their jobs. Our machinery in factory and the outlets are all imported from USA, China and Singapore. We are 100% equipped with modern and health conscious equipment. We always use best materials and ingredients in our Production line. Our main goal is to serve better, testy and healthy products with reasonable price. We care for the customer’s satisfaction rather than our profit. Our products are fresh as always. We never sale over dated products. We run our shops day to day products to keep fresh and quality standard. Our chicken crispy burger, Bar-B-Q chicken are the best in Bangladesh. If you try once, we believe you will come back. In our pastry shops, you can find best cookies and 5 star standard Pastry, cake with very reasonable price.

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